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About Our Yarn Bases

The main yarn we use is raw minimally processed wool that is ethically sourced. The yarn comes with a lovely lanolin feel, a whiff of sheep smell, and occasionally the easily-removed bit of hay or grass. It is not superwash merino, but rather wool in its purest form!

After some consideration, I have started to carry more traditional yarn bases for our sock yarns. Please contact me if you have any questions! 

I love knitting with all the yarn bases we carry and want to make sure my customers get the best experience when using my yarns!

About Us

Lindsey Marr

Company Owner

Madeline's Knitting Nook has been a huge passion project of mine. In 2018 I bought a local coffee shop in my neighborhood, while working the slow afternoon shifts I taught myself to knit. Then in late 2019 after having a blast learning to knit and meeting the local community in my area, I decided to expand and open up a knitting nook in the front of the coffee shop. Not to long after the yarn shop opened covid-19 hit shutting both shops down, after a few months of uncertainty I decided to give yarn dying a shot. I feel in love and it came naturally to me from my art background. I am excited for this new chapter and to create beautiful yarns for your beautiful projects!